Cross Stitch

Monday, 15 June 2009

Question of the week

I would like to design my own cross stitch charts, where do I start?

Lesson 1

1. I recommend using graph paper to start with. Colour in the blocks to produce simple patterns and motifs.
2. Each block will represent one stitch. To find the finished size divide the number of blocks in the design by the fabric count you will be using (for 14 count fabric).
3. Use coloured pencils to roughly match the chosen thread colours to give a more realistic idea of the finished design (use a thread chart to finalise the DMC or preferred manufacturer thread number).
4. Make a simple key at the side by colouring a block or blocks with the coloured pencils and write the corresponding thread numbers at the side.
5. practise first by designing simple borders and repeat motifs before trying larger designs with shading and detail.
6. Thread colours will look different depending on where they are placed and the adjacent colour.

See the next lesson for more designing tips

Joanne x


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