Cross Stitch

Saturday, 25 October 2008


I have added Saturday's free chart (which is for rememberence day) to my 'Free Chart' page click here and also the new 'Challenge chart' to my Home Page - A dolphin click here both charts are FREE as I know everyone love's freebies you can print them off as many times as you wish. Don't forget to let your stitching friends know :)
I will be emailing last month's competition winners over the weekend. Have a good weekend everybody.

Hugs Joanne x

Shock Horror is that.....

baby Gerbils I can see in the cage. What a shock it was when my daughter went to feed her 2 'male' Gerbils this morning.....'mum, what's those tiny pink things?' I went rushing in thinking one had, had an accident (didn't occur to me they could be babies - after all we've had them about 3 months and they are 'definitely male' assured the pet shop owner).... so I'm off to search the Internet on 'how to raise baby Gerbils' and then it's straight to the vets to get the male 'done'. There's 6 and I'll get photo of them in a day or so - don't want to disturb them yet.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Stitching on paper

thought I'd share this with you all :) .....You can stitch on paper to make some really nice projects, just make the holes first with a needle or pricking tool. I use a ruler as it has a nice straight edge :) and make holes every few mm. Here I used handmade papers contrased with some sparkling glitter paper. The centre embellishments are ceramic buttons I spotted on a carboot - just shows you what treasures you can find. You could also use a sewing machine if you like. stick the paper down first and then you don't have to worry about keeping it lined up.

Or like this .......... Holes were made in the same way all around the edge. Bring the thread through the first hole and then say down the 11th one, as long as you keep the thread the same distance apart it does work out (sometimes you have to have a couple of goes to get the pattern you want. I used metallic thread (6 strands) to compliment the glitter paper for both cards.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

and another thing.....

Wow, I am really feeling creative today, must be all the chocs I ate earlier (good advice Chris - it does work ). To make your stitching extra special, tack a piece of sheer organza on to the fabric and then Cross Stitch through both layers. The result is amazing even on smaller motifs. Add a couple of beads or a button and Voila.

Tip for the day

I love to cover the front of plain boring aperture cards with patterned paper. It's easy to do just stick the paper to the front of the card using a glue stick or double-sided tape. Use scissors or a knife to cut the paper away from the aperture. If you cut the paper slightly bigger than the aperture you can then stick it on to the inside and get a nice straight edge. If the aperture is round, make lots of snips to get a nice curve.

Stamp on to fabric and highlight with a few stitches and beads. It's really easy and quick to do, just allow time for the ink to dry fully before stitching so that it doesn't smudge.

More Stamping on to fabric........................

A journey into self discovery.....

Having been so inspired by Chris and Sharon's blog, I woke up determined to make my blog more interesting................. haven't got far yet :) How is it I love reading other peoples stuff but get stuck when deciding what to write myself. I still haven't mastered sending Text messages on my mobile, so what hope do I have. Don't get me wrong I love gadgets I just don't understand all the abbreviated words, it's my age, so I'm told - well that could be true actually. Without giving too much away my next Birthday will be a milestone one (just wish it was 21 again).