Cross Stitch

Monday, 16 June 2008

Tip for the day

Like the stereotypical Cross Stitcher I love gardening and cats (I like all animals really- especially dolphins). So yesterday I took the day off and went to 'Gardener's World' at the N.E.C. It was a great day out and very inspiring. Today however it's back to work and the deadline for my book is today, so with lots of last minute stuff to do (well officially it's still today until midnight) and quite possibly working until the early hours again. So here is an ever so quick tip....
I never use a hoop when stitching small motifs and cards. If you have problems getting you stitches to have an even tension, spray laundry starch on to the back of the fabric before stitching and iron to activate, it will stiffen the fabric further. It doesn't matter if there is a powder residue from the starch, you can always wash the fabric after finishing, I don't find it's really necessary. Once you press the fabric after stitching you will find that the left on starch will make the fabric nice and crisp again.