Cross Stitch

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Question of the week

I am quite new to cross-stitch how do I make neat stitches?

Firstly always stitch in good light and take your time practise does make perfect - here are few tips.
  1. Ensure all the cross stitches are made in the same way i.e all the top diagonals have to lie in the same direction.
  2. Complete each stitch as you go as this will help get the stitches even tension (as opposed to making a line of diagonals and then going back across the row to complete the stitch - this can distort the fabric) Using a hoop or frame will also help with the tension.
  3. Every so often let go of the needle and let it spin and unravel - this will help prevent knots forming)
  4. Make sure that you use the correct amount of strands every time you thread the needle.
  5. Try to come up through an unoccupied hole and down an occupied one.
  6. If using 2 strands for the cross stitch - use the loop method to start this will help you avoid tying knots.
  7. Avoid trailing the thread over long distances when stitching in different areas - instead weave the thread under the stitches on the back of the fabric.
  8. When finishing, weave the thread under a few stitches on the back of the fabric before trimming, again avoid tying knots as they Will show through the front especially on even weave fabric.
  9. Practise on smaller designs until you are confident with your stitching - the result may encourage you to try something a little more challenging.
  10. Accuracy and careful counting are just as important as neat stitches.
  11. Always make sure your hands are clean and that you do not leave the needle parked in the fabric as rust stains may form.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Happy Easter....

Everyone. In between delivering Easter eggs, giving my website a Spring makeover and catching up on some gardening, I've been working on lots of new Cross Stitch designs. I have decided to give all my customers an 'Easter Gift' and for one week only *Buy One Get One Free* applies to all my chart downloads. See for details. There's also an Easter themed freebie on my 'Free Chart page' - you've still got time to stitch it as it's quick and easy.

Joanne x

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


We've got broadband again!
After weeks of trudging laptop in hand, to different friends houses to get on to the internet, I have finally got a broadband connection at my new address. To celebrate I decided to give my website a Spring makeover, and feeling more than ready to get back in to some proper work I have added over 40 new Cross stitch charts to the shopping pages. Hope you like the websites new colour scheme - I managed to add a bit of aquamarine (my favourite colour) and lilac (requested by Rianna) - which has me thinking of beaches and holidays mmm.......
Although it didn't go so smoothly to begin with as I have Sky as my ISP and didn't realise that like thousands of others out there (judging by the problems published on various websites) sky's settings are a bit different from other providers. In the end I did manage to work out a way to configure Windows Mail to send and receive my website email through sky - anyone reading this and having problems with their own sky broadband can email me and I will send you the settings I used!
So now I am going to spend the rest of the evening catching up on some long overdue emails...

Joanne x