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Wednesday, 1 April 2009


We've got broadband again!
After weeks of trudging laptop in hand, to different friends houses to get on to the internet, I have finally got a broadband connection at my new address. To celebrate I decided to give my website a Spring makeover, and feeling more than ready to get back in to some proper work I have added over 40 new Cross stitch charts to the shopping pages. Hope you like the websites new colour scheme - I managed to add a bit of aquamarine (my favourite colour) and lilac (requested by Rianna) - which has me thinking of beaches and holidays mmm.......
Although it didn't go so smoothly to begin with as I have Sky as my ISP and didn't realise that like thousands of others out there (judging by the problems published on various websites) sky's settings are a bit different from other providers. In the end I did manage to work out a way to configure Windows Mail to send and receive my website email through sky - anyone reading this and having problems with their own sky broadband can email me and I will send you the settings I used!
So now I am going to spend the rest of the evening catching up on some long overdue emails...

Joanne x

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