Cross Stitch

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I have added a free Thread Sorter to the 'Free page' of my website, which you can use for all your stitching projects.
Here is the link Select 'print' from the file menu (or the printer icon) the sheet contains 4 thread sorters, cut out each along the dotted lines. Use a hole punch to make the holes down the left hand side and away you go.
You will also find new free charts on the same web page, happy stitching.
Joanne x

Monday, 23 March 2009

Question of the week

How many strands of thread should I use for Cross Stitching? -

14 count fabric
On 14 count WHITE fabric usually 2 strands of thread is enough. For coloured fabrics use 3 strands so that the stitches are denser and the colour of the thread will stand out against the background fabric. One strand for Back stitch is usually sufficient when stitching on any colour/fabric count.

tip - if using white thread to Back stitch - you may need 2 strands to make it stand out, the same applies to metallic thread.

16 and 18 count fabric
2 strands for the cross stitches will give denser stitches than on 14 count, which can look really effective. Try stitching the background parts of a design with 1 strand to give a 3-D feel. Avoid using more than 2 strands on 18 count fabric as the stitches will be difficult to make and the thread will become worn whilst stitching and may break.

Evenweave fabric
Treat 28 count as 14count Aida (as the stitches are over two threads of fabric) the same applies to 36 (as 18 count Aida etc....)

Tip for the day

I have had a few emails asking how to calculate the finished size of a Cross-stitch project. I usually give stitch size and measurements for 14 count fabric for all the charts on my website, as this is the most popular size. You can of course work on any size fabric - to calculate the finished design size just divide the number of stitches by the fabric count. We work in inches because the fabric count is given in inches (14 count means 14 stitches per inch of fabric)

e.g a project 140 x 140 stitches (140 divided by 14) would be 10 x 10 inches. Its equivalent 18 count size is 7.8 inches x 7.8 inches (140 divided by 18).

Don't forget to always cut the fabric a good few inches bigger to allow for finishing and mounting.
Small items that are to be made into cards need only a couple of inches on each side, whereas larger items that are to be framed will need at least 4 inches on all four sides (so this will mean that the fabric should be 8 inches wider and 8 inches bigger than the finished design).

For more tips look back over my blog, you can email your questions to me at , and I will do my best to answer them. Joanne x

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What a palarva

I'm sat in McDonald's with my laptop writing this cos who'd have thought that a simple transfer of address would result in 4 weeks without my phone line or broadband connection. Just as I thought it couldn't get any worse my email addresses were then cancelled an 'admin error' by my Internet service provider - there's no way to cancel a cancellation I am told.
So I am frantically trying to email everyone to let them know that my email address no longer exists - simple eh..... except everything to do with my work and website was woven together like a delicate thread - hanging now somewhere in cyberspace I presume.

If anyone needs to get in touch with me - you can do so at

The Tiscali emails are no longer available. Once the broadband is up and running (you wouldn't believe how hard that seems to be right now) I shall be updating my Website & Blog, in the mean time I have managed to sneak a Mother's Day Freebie on to the 'Free charts' page (no easy task) - anyway must dash, am getting funny looks - how long can you make a cup of coffee last - perhaps I shall order a burger - which should make good for another hour at least - then there's a McFlurry of course!

Joanne xxx