Cross Stitch

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Shock Horror is that.....

baby Gerbils I can see in the cage. What a shock it was when my daughter went to feed her 2 'male' Gerbils this morning.....'mum, what's those tiny pink things?' I went rushing in thinking one had, had an accident (didn't occur to me they could be babies - after all we've had them about 3 months and they are 'definitely male' assured the pet shop owner).... so I'm off to search the Internet on 'how to raise baby Gerbils' and then it's straight to the vets to get the male 'done'. There's 6 and I'll get photo of them in a day or so - don't want to disturb them yet.


sharon said...

ha ha..what a shock!, good luck with your new babies.xxxxxx

Chris said...

OMG what is it with everyone in blogland today... catching up is always fab but after the weekend I thought I was all laughed out and then I see your post!!!! rofl
eeeee hope you are enjoying your new little family and thanks for making me giggle :D
Chris xx