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Thursday, 23 October 2008

A journey into self discovery.....

Having been so inspired by Chris and Sharon's blog, I woke up determined to make my blog more interesting................. haven't got far yet :) How is it I love reading other peoples stuff but get stuck when deciding what to write myself. I still haven't mastered sending Text messages on my mobile, so what hope do I have. Don't get me wrong I love gadgets I just don't understand all the abbreviated words, it's my age, so I'm told - well that could be true actually. Without giving too much away my next Birthday will be a milestone one (just wish it was 21 again).

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Chris said...

Well you have been busy :) Your blog looks fab and all of your awesome designs in the slideshows are a real treat for the eyes Joanne... need a cup of coffee now so I can see them all properly and sit and
Sometimes I write on my blog and think OMG what a load of waffle... but then I think what the heck... can't help it if my fingers type like my mouth speaks ;-)
Eeeeeerm wish I was 21 again too and there's no way I'm telling you how old I really am... just as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth...rofl
Chris xx