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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

How to design your own Cross Stitch chart Lesson 2

After playing around with creating small motifs on graph paper (Lesson 1) you may want to progress to larger motifs or converting your own drawings/photographs to Cross Stitch.

1. Take your chosen image and using a soft pencil and tracing paper, trace the image.
2. Rub over the back of the traced image with a soft pencil.
3. Place the traced image right side up on to graph paper.
4. Use a sharp pencil to go over the traced image again.
5. Remove the tracing paper to reveal the faint image on the graph paper. Go over this to make the outline darker if necessary using the Sharp pencil.
6. Use coloured pencils as described in Lesson 1 to colour the image as before.
7. It is possible to obtain specialised graph paper to correspond with fabric count, this is more expensive than simple graph paper but gives an accurate real size chart.

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Julies knitting corner said...

Thank you for these lessons they have given me more encouragement to try again. best wishes Julie.C