Cross Stitch

Friday, 26 September 2008

Tip for the day

Here are some long overdue tips!

1. When stitching top borders you can turn the fabric upside down so that the border is facing you and the stitches will remain the same way. Don't however turn the side borders to face you as the stitches will end up the wrong way. This helps when stitching larger designs!

2.I find wooden hoops nearly always mark my fabric, you can now get plastic ones in most sizes which don't. For small card size designs I always work without a hoop as it's easier to hold the fabric and still get even tensioned stitches.

3. To avoid eye strain now the nights are getting darker earlier sit near a good light source. I have put a daylight bulb in my desk lamp which is great because with normal bulbs the colour may appear different. A couple of times in the past I have discovered the next after a nights stitching, whole areas have been stitching the wrong shade! Which also makes a good case for using a thread sorted and labeling it correctly!

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