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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

3 wishes

While making my layout, I saw the 'wish list', I immediately thought of all the wonderful craft items I would love. 'If you had 3 wishes what would you ask for?' I asked Jeremy, he thought for a moment and replied 'I would have your hearing restored' (I had become deaf due to an illness several years ago now), how sweet I thought (well he is sweet really) 'What would you ask for?' he asked. I thought for a second 'mm.... can I ask for more wishes?', 'no not allowed' he said
1) That everyone would love each other at least half as much as they love themselves, then there wouldn't be any crime.
2) That all the illness/disease in the world could be cured and due to this and number one I think all the worlds problems would be solved.
Not wanting to sound like a contestant on Miss World, I deliberately didn't ask for world peace, note.
'Would you ask for anything for yourself?' he asked. I thought about all the lovely craft things I wanted, and a nice big room to put them in.
'o.k can I win the lottery and buy a big house for all my craft stash and spend all my time shopping for new ones'
Well I had solved the world's problems with the other two wishes. So if there are any genies out there.....

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sharon said... got me thinking now....if I had three wishes...I'm sure mine wouldn't be as nice as yours though, really special wishes.x